Friday, October 22, 2010

Please Vote in Midterm and Let’s Pray

Waiting in Job Fair

 Right: Republican volunteer, left: Democratic volunteer, in voting site of Raleigh, NC

Please Vote in Midterm and Let’s Pray
The midterm is coming. Please vote!
I have talked to my friends: “ voting means a lot for us”.
We would like the nominees to hear our voices, but I know that some of them did not listen; they talked too much. The voting can force them to listen to us or they will lose you and more voters. Let us vote. To vote is to take responsibilities of citizen.
If you will be traveling out of US on the date November 2, go to early voting. If you like the nominees very much, take advantage of early voting.
In the year of 2004 president voting, I was traveling in China. The Chinese Government officer served us a very delicious dinner. In the dinner, I said that I personally did not like president nominee Jr. W. Bush. I wanted go back US as early as possible for voting. A Chinese friend said that he liked W. Bush and quit sured that he would be continually on the seat. Then we bet on the table of dinner. I took every penny out of  my packet  and put on the table, which were one hundred thirty two U.S. dollars and twenty-six cents. A few days later, he informed me that he would like to dismiss the bet because that would take one quarter of his monthly salary. I wrote an email to promise whatever he would lose or not, he would take the price because he voted. A month later, I was happy to know that U.S. Consulate in China had set an even of voting in the building to let Chinese citizens to free vote the president of U.S. like the game we had played. The players would answer a few questions and vote. They could get rewards in voting I supposed . This was the most wonderful event. U.S. Consulate found good way to show United States of America.
Talking with Chinese Governor of Guangxi,China
Me(center) and other two scholars from North America
The sad thing happened to me for the voting result is that W. Bush won. 99% of Americans lost. So did I. I lost one third of my stock values and a lot of businesses. How about you? In last year, my health insurance went up 45% and it looks like it keeps going. I don’t dare to bet with my Chinese friends any more except my business turning up.
Do you know what great thing I can do? Voting!!! Again and again. The situation will be getting to be fine. United States has system to improve itself quickly.
I have put the sign plate of my favored nominee on the front yard of my house already and prayed. I am not going to tell you whom I will vote. What I can tell is that I will early vote.
I know that you are frustrated on the economic situation. If you would like better one tomorrow, just vote.
If you care about your children and families, just vote.
If you like the nominee, vote him/her. Or if you don’t like the nominee, simply vote other.
If you lost job, or you fear to lost job, just vote.
If you don’t have health insurances, or you want keep your insurances, or you want better one, just vote.
If you want end the two wars, please vote.
If you like owning your house, vote for it.

    I am sure that we will win! The world became flat and America still lead in many fields.
    Make America stronger! Don't close the door. Action is the treatment of fear! Please vote and pray in different words and various languages.
    May God bless America!

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